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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully review these terms and conditions before booking with us.

Health Advisory:

If you have underlying health concerns, it is essential to seek medical advice before using our sauna facilities or engaging in cold water immersion.

Do not utilize the sauna if you have high or low blood pressure, any heart or circulatory disorders, epilepsy, diabetes, if you are pregnant, prone to dizziness or fainting, or if you are intoxicated. By participating in our sessions, you certify that to your knowledge you are medically fit and able to partake in the booked activity.


Risk Acknowledgment:

All individuals engaging in swimming or sauna use do so at their own risk. You are responsible for understanding your physical limits and monitoring your well-being during the session. We reserve the right to refuse admission or remove any participant if their involvement poses a risk to themselves or others. No refunds will be issued under these circumstances.


Age Restrictions:

Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted in the sauna without adult supervision.


Time Guidelines:

For cold-water swimming, the duration spent in the water should be adjusted according to water temperature. Gradually increase exposure to cold water, starting from a few seconds and progressively extending to longer durations. Exit the water before feeling excessively cold to avoid potential dangers associated with prolonged exposure.

Similarly, in the sauna, it is recommended not to exceed 15 minutes per session. Rehydration is crucial; please ensure you have a water bottle with you.


Equipment Recommendations:

Cold Swim: Wear appropriate warm clothing, bring a suitable swimsuit, two towels (one for standing on, one for drying), a changing robe (if available), and a warm beverage for after your swim.

Sauna: Wear a suitable swimsuit, bring one towel for sitting on and one for drying, and ensure you have a water bottle for hydration. Avoid wearing loose-fitting jewellery in the sauna due to heat.


Sauna Etiquette:

Remove footwear before entering the sauna. Enter and exit calmly, ensuring the door is properly closed. Keep the entrance clear for easy access. Sit on a clean towel and avoid touching the stove or adding water while others are nearby. Nudity, smoking, drinking, or drug use is prohibited. Follow the advice and rules provided for sauna usage during your session.


Property Loss or Damage:

We are not liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings during your visit. It is your responsibility to communicate this information to other members of your group if you are making a booking on their behalf.


Location & Hours
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